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To brief about the motherboard related problems , as and when the laptop doesn't function properly and diagnosed by the technician , as it is a board problemthere are 2 choices which has been left to the User to decide upon.

  1. To replace the motherboard entirely !!
  2. To rework the defective part alone of the motherboard.

we emphasize a point that, the rework is less expensive than the replacement of the motherboard itself .On the other hand it doesn't require to replace the motherboard as and when the technican says , there is a board problem.

The Bga package identity

The BGA is used in the computer motherboards in the following areas, North Bridge, south bridge, Vga ,network , Bios ,integrated packages and so on.To specify the form of Bga ic's as follows

  1. The earlier versions are Leaded ic's
  2. The later versions are Lead free ic's, called Rohs ( Restriction of hazardous substances ).compliance.

Bga usage and Issues

About the Bga ( Ball Grid Array ) ic utility , which is predominantly used these days in the Hitech electronic industry, for example, Laptops, mobile phones Desktops, etc. This BGA is a sensitive package ,which can get damaged due to wear and tear issues, or voltage fluctuations, or may be due to handling mistakes too..

Bga rework- required environment

The Bga packages are sensitive, to static energy like other semi conductors .It requires A proper Anti static environment to handle such , Even a slightest variation of static energy can spoil the components, so easily. The packages has to be handled in a proper way right from receipt,storage,testing,assembling and transportation.

About the process of work, we follow a systematic procedure to diagnose every defective spare with the process, as follows,

  • Visual test,
  • Diagnostics
  • Removal process
  • Rework process
  • Replacement process etc.
  • Laptop Brand support- Hp, Compaq, Ibm, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Apple, etc,

laptop motherbord rework

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